Deposit, Withdraw, Settle

To view and manage your margin, please open the Account tab. It lists out key margin information by contract, including:

  • Contract Symbol
  • Your Position under this contract
  • Contract current Mark Price
  • Your Position’s corresponding Liquidation Price
  • Your current Margin Balance
  • Your Available Margin
  • Available Margin Operations at this stag

Available Operations would vary given different status of the contract.

  • If the contract is in TRADING status, you can operate below 2 functions:

    • Deposit – top-up from your wallet and increase Margin Balance to lower leverage of existing Position as a protection from Liquidation, or to prepare for entering into a new/larger position;
    • Withdraw – cash out to your wallet and decrease Margin Balance (by up to the Available Margin amount) to increase leverage of existing Position, or to cash out after closing a previous position.
  • If the contract is in SETTLING status, no operation is available.

  • If the contract is in SETTLED status, you can operate 1 function:

    • Settle – settle the remaining Margin Balance back to your wallet